Silicon Valley Fellowship Program
Master X-IT&E

An exceptional opportunity for growing your startup in the unique environment of the Silicon Valley

  • Taking advantage of advice and input from top mentors (experienced entrepreneurs, high level investors)
  • Attracting the best talent
  • Getting introduced in the local ecosystem to build connections with early partnership
  • Getting seed subsidies to cover startup cost

The Silicon Valley Fellowship Program


This program is offered to the best “startup projects” carried out by Polytechnique Students, in the course of their 4th year, or the 2nd year of their Master, or Researchers, PhD’s, Post Docs, etc.

The goal of this unique program is offer to startup a unique set of support, resource, and network connections to boost the development of the highest potential profiles, coming out from Polytechnique.

Selection is being made by the Board of the X Silicon Valley Accelerator Fellowship Program.


This support program is shaped as a flexible accelerator, customized to the profile of each venture, depending on the targeted industry, the founder’s profile. Its main component will be:

  • Coaching session during the entire business case validation process (target market, business model design, early customer recruitment, first revenue generation)
  • Networking with key partners, players or talent, related to each project, depending on the domain
  • Some logistic support
  • Subsidies to cover startup cost: 20k$ per person, 30k$ for a team of 2, 40k$ for 3 people

At the end of the program which will last on average 6 month, the Fellowship program will then make a decision for a startup investment up to 150k$, in the course of a seed funding round.

Selection Process

  • Student must submit a description of their project in the form of a slideshow covering key issues, by the end of February 2016.
  • On March 4th, a short list will be published
  • Mid-March, a final jury selection (individual interviews per project) will lead to one or two selected projects.

Who is elligible?

All the startup projects developed by Polytechnique students, in the course of their 4th year, or 2nd year of their Master Program.

Student team who are exploring an opportunity, in the course of their 2nd or 3rd year, will benefit from an on-going coaching support, in order to help them refine and mature their idea, until it becomes eligible for the Program, during the 4th year.

Upload your project

Please upload a description of your project in the form of a slideshow covering key issues on a PDF document.
Closing date for submission: February 26th, 2016. Please wait for the confirmation page.

Maximal size for the PDF document: 9Mo.